Odin’s Day: Asatta

Welcome to Odin’s Day, our weekly celebration of awesome heavy metal music. Every Wednesday (that’s where the name comes from), we’ll be showcasing a cool heavy metal band who you might not have heard of.

Stoner doom is everywhere these days, but it’s not always convincing; usually, a few recycled Black Sabbath leads and a picture with a space troll on it is enough to earn the band the prefix “genre titans.” But Milwaukee’s Asatta are doing it right. With their seismic riffs, throttling bass lines, and yearning bellows, the band sounds as big and evil as their art suggests they are.

Asatta’s latest, Spiraling Into Oblivion, dropped earlier this month, and damn if it doesn’t deliver on everything that its cover suggests. Huge, punchy, and creepily mystical, it has all of stoner metal’s best qualities without any of the toned-down drudgery and hackneyed weed worship that too often annoys the crap out of earnest listeners just trying to light some candles and bang their heads.

Check out Spiraling Into Oblivion here.



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