Cool Comic: Curvy (NSFW)

We live in Boring World; admit that you know this to be true. Thankfully, there are endless worlds out there to explore, from Candy World to Super World to Corporate World. And much like in our Boring World, all the people in these many fantastic universes are pretty interested in getting laid all the time.

This is the premise of Curvy, an adult webcomic about a multiverse-hopping girl named Anaïs and her girlfriend made of candy, Fauna. The comic is now on its eighth story arc of the sexy adventures of these two women and the rotating cast of horny semi-human beings surrounding them.



This sounds like an excuse to see cartoon nudity, you’re saying, and indeed you’re right! But what separates Curvy from the countless images out there involving the love between a schoolgirl and a squid demon is its imagination and its bizarre sense of humor. The sheer number of hilariously weird things one sees in this comic is just great, and the self-aware jokes surrounding said odd occurrences makes the reader feel more like a consumer of some kind of art and less like a perv.


If anything, the sex scenes in Curvy are few and far between. Sure, boning and nudity are on everyone’s mind throughout the entire comic–plenty of boob jokes every which way–but by the second of third storyline, the adult aspects of the comic are hardly the draw anymore.

Check out Curvy here. NSFW, depending on what day you tune in.


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