Cool Blog: Behind You

As someone who works primarily on a computer, I see a lot of cool blogs showcasing art and design. But there is one blog on the Internet that is cooler than all of the others, and that is Behind You, a Tumblr featuring horror illustrations by artist Brian Coldrick.


Behind You’s premise is very simple: it’s a series of gorgeous and sometimes-animated illustrations with tiny vignettes at the bottom in which an unsuspecting victim doesn’t know that there’s a bizarre supernatural menace lurking behind them. What Coldrick does beautifully, though, is presents variations, both on how something can be lurking behind you and what monsters look like.



Coldrick never presents the reader with your average spook or space bug. His monsters incorporate elements of old mythology, Asian dysmorphic horror, and childhood nightmare. The result is a series of experiences that make the viewer actually afraid for the protagonist of each illustration, not just because they’re about to get got, but also because of WHAT is lurking just over their shoulders.


My favorite of the series are the Halloween illustrations. It helps that I’m obsessed with Halloween, but it’s also that Coldrick does something creepy and unexpected. Each of the menacing creatures in these illustrations are realistic and horrifying depictions of the very monsters that the protagonists are dressed as for the holiday, almost as though they’re punishing these children for not taking their power seriously.


Please go and look at Behind You. Once you check out one, you’ll be dying to look at them all. And try not to look over your shoulder. It doesn’t like to be stared at.



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