Odin’s Day: Hypnosia

Before Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust brought pizza and high-top sneakers back into metal fashion, a burst of solid thrash came out in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, fueled by death and black metal fans who felt the genres had forgotten their roots. Some of this thrash, like that of Darkane, was mixed with melodic death metal and therefore not retro-friendly; some, like Witchery, was so dressed up as modern black metal that only those interested in deeply pursuing thrash metal knew just how killer it was. But a handful of bands stuck to their traditional guns, including Corporation 187, Carnal Forge, and, of course, Hypnosia.

Hypnosia’s Extreme Hatred is about as definitive an underground thrash album as you can find. It’s fast, mean, catchy, evil, and it sports a cover so metal my ear is bleeding a little right now just looking at it. The band is obviously influenced by German groups like Kreator and Sodom, but also reminds listeners of dark underground American acts like Dark Angel and Exhorder. The results is an awesome, if derivative, thirty-five minutes and change of grinding, relentless thrash metal that will have any vest denizen convulsing in pleasure.

Sadly, Extreme Hatred was their only full-length album, and the career-spanning collection that followed, Horror Infernal, kind of sucked, but that one record will remain a gem until metal is long gone and aliens are finding our Suffocation T-shirts and Iron Maiden action figures in the dust of the ruined Earth.

Listen to Extreme Hatred below in its entirety. The album was originally released in 2000 via Hammerheart Records.


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