Odin’s Day: Slægt

Don’t let Slægt’s Gothic imagery and that weird ‘æ’ symbol put you off. Though this band has all the trappings of The Cure, they in fact play creepy and brilliant blackened thrash with tons of atmosphere and character.

Though fans of wonkier and trippier metal might be more inclined towards the band’s full-length Ildsvanger, it was last year’s Beautiful & Damned EP that solidified this band in my heart. Maybe it’s because the band never goes too hard in one direction or the other, which eventually did in contemporaries like Ketzer. Instead, they’re content to make chugging, riffy thrash that still examines the dark recesses of the human spirit. Too often, it’s one or the other—either the track focuses on your ennui, or it’s about raising the necrochalice to the Horned Master—while there’s a distinct feeling that every Slægt track is sort of about both, or about being a person who feels both.

Listen to “Move In Chaos”, the opening track from Beautiful & Damned below. If that doesn’t get your head bobbing, then I can’t help you. The EP is out now via Necroshine Records. Order it from Slægt’s Bandcamp.


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