Cool Artist: Pumpkinrot

Too often, we draw a hard line between Children’s Halloween and Adult Halloween. The former involves candy, princess costumes, and Tim Burton; the latter is all pumpkin ale, slutty Beetlejuice, and Freddy Kruger. But the best Halloween art has always straddled that line, aiming to frighten the young and old equally. Remember, Hocus Pocus opens with a child’s murder and three Satan worshippers hanged by the neck until dead.

Pumpkinrot’s art and photography not only walks that line, but also decorates it with a thousand jack o’lanterns. His beautifully eerie figures make one wonder if they’re seeing a truly terrifying scarecrow or a crucified corpse swallowed by vines. His photography shows how strange and terrifying lawn decorations can be for someone who has emerged from a cloud of fake smoke to find themselves confronted with a bottom-lit witch.

But Pumpkinrot is not simply content at promoting his own art. His blog is a nonstop list of horror- and Halloween-related media, supporting musicians, artists, photographers, and movements that further the cause of all things spooky-scary. The dude is the best kind of artist–one who is perpetually dedicated to getting the word out about other art he thinks is great.

Check out Pumpkinrot’s website here.


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