Odin’s Day: Ghoul

Of the many small countries strewn about Eastern Europe, none is more fascinating than Creepsylvania. A graveyard-ringed nation of farmers and alcoholics who shit their pants at the first sight of trouble, Creepsylvania is a nation that seems to produce only strife, weirdness, and horror. It’s home to the physical embodiment of a voodoo loa, its recent government under Commandant Dobrunkum was overthrown by an ancient deity made of mold, and its chief export, other than the corpses of its countrymen, is the crushing thrash metal of the band Ghoul.

Little is known about the members of Ghoul, as they never appear unmasked and generally dwell in the catacombs beneath the graveyard that surrounds Creepsylvania’s border. While the Creepsylvanian government denies the band’s existence, locals seem to agree that it is made up of cannibal mutants whose favorite pass times include skateboarding, devouring Creepsylvania’s dead, drinking a foul liquor known as Rot Gut, and producing killer horror-themed thrash. Whether these rumors are true or not cannot be proved; at present, all we have are the occasional tour photos and a series of albums detailing the life and times of these monsters.

Listen to “Death Campaign” off of the band’s latest album Dungeon Bastards and judge for yourself–is Ghoul just a group of dudes shrouded in rumor, or a cadre of horrific madmen looking to hatchet the shit out of all those in their path?


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