Cool Artist: Rhode Montijo

While modern tropes like oozing green slime and mutilated bondage demons are lots of fun, this year I find myself enjoying the traditional trappings of Halloween–grinning pumpkins, fluttering ghosts, caped vampires, snickering witches. And no artist does classic Halloween quite like Rhode Montijo.

Montijo might be most well known to some as one of the creators of Happy Tree Friends, the dark cartoon about adorable forest animals who end up horrifically murdering one another. But of late, Montijo’s work has focused heavily on the fun of Halloween. He designs merchandise featuring chubby winged black cats, creepily happy jack o’lanterns, and, perhaps my favorite, an American flag hailing the united forces of Halloween.

Montijo’s childrens’ book, The Halloween Kid, is drenched in orange, and tells the tale of a kid cowboy who rides into town when the holiday is in peril (God forbid someone give out treats that aren’t candy). In it, Montijo shows off all of his childish loves–westerns, monsters, turning classic stereotypes on their heads, and, of course, trick-or-treating.

Some of Montijo’s art can be seen below, but definitely check out his blog and buy something from his shop.



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