Odin’s Day: The Bronx Casket Co.

Within the goth metal genre, The Bronx Casket Co. occupy a very specific niche. They are not traditionally goth, adorned with ruffly cravats and harpsichords; nor are they bleak and suicidal, obsessed with murk and crust culture. Instead, The Bronx Casket Co. make polished, poppy metal about monsters, darkness, and high-octane energy.

Think of them as the metal equivalent of a black button-down work shirt with Frankenstein on it. The band is fronted by Overkill’s D.D. Verni, if that helps.

This means that they’re not for everyday consumption, but when Halloween rolls around, forget about it. Their tracks have that perfect mixture of crunchy, chuggy riffs and over-the-top black-and-white horror atmosphere. But it’s on their slower and more nontraditional tracks, where the lyrics take bizarre left turns and the guitars play alongside fun haunted house sound effects, that the band is at its most entertaining.

Below is the band’s 2001 full-length album Sweet Home Transylvania. Enjoy.



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