On The Various Monster Magics

Vampire magic – Insidious, seductive, contagious, hungry. Inherently mischievous, intent on tricking foolish mortals into giving themselves over. Often arrives in the form of a plague, be it a disease, vermin, hysteria, or inexplicably nasty weather. Involves changing shape, reading thoughts, seeing through walls and scruples. Creeps in through windows under cover of night. Roses wilt, temperatures drop, shadows move on their own and take flight.

Ghost magic – Involuntary, emotional, psychological, confining. Bleeds out of the entity in waves, without restraint. Hallucinations, nightmares, false memories, thoughts of suicide and murder. Convinces those it affects that it is a new reality, making their escape nearly impossible. Imprints itself on something, a place or item, and uses that as a conduit. Plates fly, brooms sweep, lunatics understand. Impossible to control, always hostile.

Werewolf magic – Curse-based, obligatory, ominous, sudden. Revolves around a specific monthly event, from which it echoes like a shockwave. Tied to witches and the moon, and therefore the Devil or Hecate or other dark gods that revel in misfortune. Bad luck abounds—children born blind in one eye, cows all give sour milk, lightning from a clear sky. Elemental, without recourse or mercy. Most noticeable in the remorse inflicted upon its recipient.

Zombie magic – Exotic, uncomfortable, human, wrong. Powered by voodoo, a tradition already fluid and unstable in its workings and laws. Possesses inherent revulsion, both of seeing a dead body and of seeing a dead body walking. Comes from outside the normal channels of life and death, Heaven and Hell. Seems to spread as it moves, like a trail of hexes which others can be caught up in. Painful to watch, as it denies a well-earned rest. Maintains a certain level of culture and respect.

Mummy magic – Sacred, unstoppable, older than time. A landmine of bad juju left by a culture long dead that won’t let anyone forget its greatness. Lies in wait, activated when violated by unworthy parties. Embodies the blood and rage of all those buried by time and dust. Surprisingly brutal; nothing stronger than a single-minded curse. Walks the ocean floor if it needs to. Surrounded by obvious warnings ignored only by those deserving of punishment. Inevitable and deep, like night in the desert.

Gargoyle magic – Confusing.

Lovecraft magic – Scientific, misunderstood, corporeal, apocalyptic. Magic only by name. Travels via energy, reaching through the void of space or the depths of the ocean. Steeped in a history mankind is too foolish to remember and speaks of a future that is always in danger of unfolding. Real under a microscope—not nightmares, but visions; not plagues, but infections. Communicated through closed doors that one must actively open via tome and electrode. Ugly to behold, clammy to the touch.

Skeleton magic – Absurd, nihilistic, fancy-free, fun. Doesn’t make sense in the slightest, doesn’t need to. Always happens around something or somewhere poetic or appropriate—a dungeon or graveyard, Halloween, the Black Death. Laughs in the face of death, physics, propriety. Doesn’t happen often, doesn’t receive outsiders well, and doesn’t last longer than it needs to. Involves a lot of dancing.


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