Cool Artist: Zach Bellissimo

The only people who enjoy Halloween as much as children are rockers. For them, this mix of reckless abandon, freak appreciation, and old-school tradition is a chance to feel young at heart without losing the badass edge of murder and monsters.

Zach Bellissimo’s art is a perfect distillation of rock and roll Halloween. His sharp-chinned snaggle-toothed leather-clad creations bring a classic creep atmosphere while remaining fast and loose. His modern aesthetic mixed with Halloween’s complete patchwork history also causes his work to blur eras and ages with ease; tuxedo-ed voodoo jazz men play with Lemmy while the Headless Horseman shares a drink with Noodle from Gorillaz.

But Bellisimo is not merely content with drawing some of the best monster art out there. He also curates a yearly mix of his favorite Halloween music called Kandy Coated Kackles, complete with an original Bellissimo cover. The music on these mixes errs on the side of psychobilly and old-school rock and roll, but also includes heavy metal, synthwave, horror soundtracks, and more.

Below is a selection of Zach Bellissimo’s work. Keep up with his work on his Tumblr, his DeviantArt page, and his Twitter. Go here for his Halloween mixes. Rock and roll.



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