Odin’s Day: VHS

Retro formats are kind of silly for a lot of media, but for horror they possess a certain romance. Horror is already a strange, junky, DIY-based genre, and anyway one often finds terror in the ancient and dusty. Just as you want a good ghost story to come out of some moldy codex, so you want a good monster movie to come off of a long-forgotten video tape.

Thankfully, VHS have channeled the format of their namesake. The band plays a type of classic, straightforward death-thrash that is the sonic equivalent of the horror section of a video rental place from 1986. Not only that, but the band confines its subject matter to old-school horror movies; samples and references abound as the band lurches through tracks about Romero’s zombies, An American Werewolf In London, and Michael Myers.

Their latest album, Screaming Mad Gore, dropped earlier this year, and is as quick, fun, and enjoyably consumed as bowl of Jiffy Pop in front of a slasher flick. Listen below, and then throw a little money the band’s way here. And remember: it’s only a movie…


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