From The Archives: “Fifteen Dead, Several Wounded In Halloween Massacre”, The Haddonfield Herald, 1978

HADDONFIELD, IL – A killing spree by a homicidal maniac left thirteen people dead and several wounded last night in what appears to be a Halloween-inspired killing spree by a homicidal maniac.

Police have confirmed that Michael Myers, a Haddonfield native who stabbed his sister Judith to death in 1963 at the age of six, escaped from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium during a loss of power on the night of Thursday, October 30th. Myers managed to steal a car transporting a nurse and his doctor, Samuel Loomis, and returned to Haddonfield where he began a murderous rampage in an attempt to kill his estranged sister, one Laurie Strode.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” said a representative for the Haddonfield police department. “It’s horrible beyond anything we could imagine.”

According to witness testimony, Myers began the night by stalking and killing Strode’s friends, Annie Brackett, Lynda Van Der Klok, and Bob Simms, before luring Strode to the house where Brackett was babysitting and attacking her. Strode was saved by Dr. Loomis, who had tracked Myers to Haddonfield. Brackett is the daughter of Sheriff Leigh Brackett.

However, Myers’ night did not end there. Though he had been repeatedly shot and stabbed over the course of his rampage, Myers managed to follow Strode to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, killing several townsfolk along the way. Once at the hospital, he murdered several hospital staff members and a state Marshall. Once more, Dr. Loomis came to Strode’s aid, and the two caused an explosion that reportedly incinerated Myers.

For many, this terrible murder spree was a poetic end to a ghastly chapter in Haddonfield’s history. The murder of Judith Myers at the hands of her brother was a sensationalized event in an otherwise sheltered community, and seemingly made Loomis’ career.

“There was always a feeling that the Myers house was cursed,” says Janus Elamb, a secretary from Haddonfield. “Everyone said we should tear it down. Even fifteen years later, that terrible event stayed with this town. At least now, it’s finally over.

However, even though the police confirmed that the explosion at Haddonfield Memorial would have utterly destroyed anyone caught in it, Dr. Loomis is not as confident that Myers’ reign of terror was over.

“I’m not convinced,” said Loomis. “Until I see Michael Myers’ charred corpse on a morgue slab, I can not believe he is dead. We cannot afford to make such assumptions regarding this creature.

“The police are using standards of destruction intended for a man caught in this sort of explosion,” added Loomis. “This isn’t a man we’re talking about.”



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