The Counterculture In Winter

Punks have a thing for scarves. So often, the punk winter outfit is the same leather and denim worn throughout the rest of the year, but with a big fluffy scarf wrapped around the neck, and maybe some skeleton mittens. Sometimes thin hoodies and thermals are worn beneath the everyday outerwear, but often it’s the simple addition of the scarf.

Metalheads are all about the hoodie. Whether it’s a few layers of thin zip-ups or a large insulated number beneath the denim vest, the bulk-adding hoodie is the ultimate winter wardrobe item. It’s easy to clean, requires no presentation (in fact discouraging it with its everyday blue collar tone), and showcases a large-form version of your favorite brutal album art. You can gussy it up all you like, but the hoodie is king.

Goths can go one of two ways. For the more industrial street goth, a jacket with huge oversized belts and buckles is the way to go. But for your traditional vampiric old-school goths, the word is fur. A black fur-lined overcoat with a black fur muff is as classy as you can get while looking like the ghost of a German woman who got really into ancient Egypt.

Ravers like fur as well, but do it much more in poodle-esque puffs. A white puffy coat and fuzzy leg warmers or boots is always a good look. But that’s for full-on over-the-top ravers–for your more hands-on techie raver, the kind of person who loves to dance on Molly but also has some practical life skills and pretends to hate hippies, a black bomber jacket is the way to go.

Rude boys should always go with pea coats. There’s something about that ‘I’m about to head to sea at any point’ sort of look that works with that class of non-square. It has a bit of an Irish vibe to it, which has it’s uses when the Pogues are in town for St. Patrick’s Day.

Emo kids can freeze.


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