Cool Blog: Inside The Rock Poster Frame

For me, concert posters are pop art at its most vital. They are stylized images surrounding a specific event with a specific atmosphere behind it. The bands, dates, and location all help dictate what should be a primal, dramatic image designed to excite those who see it. A gig poster is enjoyable art with an enjoyable agenda.

To keep up with this art form, I go to the blog¬†Inside The Rock Poster Frame. It stays consistently up to date with all the awesome concert posters and poster-centric events going on in the world right now. But not content to only cover music posters, the blog’s administrators also post about new movie posters, cool art prints, and other pieces of visual stimuli that have the same effect as a killer concert poster.

For fans of rock and roll art, it’s worthwhile to have this blog on your Internet bookmarks. For casual fans, peruse the archives and see if you find anything to your fancy. Below are some samples of killer posters I discovered via the blog. Happy hunting.


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