Odin’s Day: Malleus

The problem with bands who worship Celtic Frost is that they often interpret the band in one direction or the other for their own means. Either they draw on the violent thrash of Morbid Tales or the brooding darkness of Into The Pandemonium. Rarely do they find the awesome middle ground of To Mega Therion.

But Malleus from Boston have hit that nail right on the head with their new EP Storm of Witchcraft. The black-thrash trio has all the fury and energy of the Frost’s early material but still brings plenty of the oozing atmosphere of their later material. The result is seven tracks of riffy dark metal sticky with blood and shadows.

If there is one thing that might be said against Malleus, it is that they sometimes sound TOO much like Celtic Frost. Indeed, there are one or two riffs on Storm of Witchcraft that maybe sound lifted from its influence. But whether or not that bothers you really depends on how much you like Celtic Frost.

Listen to Storm of Witchcraft here. If you can, toss the band some dough–they deserve it.




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