City Middle Children vs Country Middle Children Pt. 1

Middle Children are adaptive, and can thrive in both urban and rural environments. However, a person is inevitably shaped by their surroundings, so a Middle Child raised in a booming metropolis is very different from one raised in a quiet mountain town.

But is one superior to the other? If you want your kid to be a black-clad sensationalist misanthrope, should you raise them in the big city or in the open country? Which will best fuel their love for confrontational life philosophies and unorthodox drum fills?

Let’s examine the ways a Middle Child’s surroundings affect the various aspects of their lives.



City: Your Urban Middle Child has a broader grasp of the “art world”. Having access by museums and starving artists with fresh new takes allows them to understand art as a volatile scene where new ideas and personalities are always emerging while simultaneously paying respect to the artists of old. They have a stronger grasp of pop art, as they are always surrounded by glaring advertisements and Japanese restaurants, and goth-industrial, because their world is a gritty mess.

Country: Rural Middle Children see art in the everyday. They may not have as many resources as those city kids, but that means they understand that mainstream and popular culture is artistic, and that emotions surrounding things like strip malls and soda cans are perfectly valid. There’s a finer appreciation of folk art, as that is always being shoved down their throats, and an uncanny ability to interpret “high” art in weird ways, as they usually only encounter that media online or in books.



City: Your Urban Middle Child is a citizen of the world, and usually has the friends to show for it. They know people from many walks of life, and can relate to the base humanity shared despite religious differences and skin colors. They can speak a few words in several languages, and can sit shiva just as well as they can organize a protest. They are aware of various cultural circles, their central hubs, and who to say they’re with when confronted by the bouncer.

Country: Rural Middle Children are often students of the deep crevices of unseemly homegrown societies. They understand that making moonshine, rocking the Rebel Flag, and owning a small arsenal doesn’t make you a bad person, even though it’s not terribly presentable at dinner parties. They are extremely loyal friends, who see a good favor done as more important than any generally-accepted societal boundary. They have many memories where cars play central roles.



City: Rarely is radicalism truly blasé, but to the Urban Middle Child it’s par for the course. To stand in opposition of the status quo is an everyday activity, so much so that the status quo of their lives is often made up of people otherwise considered radicals. That certain ideas are still hot political issues–gay marriage, marijuana legalization, immigration reform–stuns and angers them. Often their fight is an easy one because they have all the tools at their disposal, and so they can become distracted and disenfranchised, but when they get organized, they do so loudly and with righteous indignation.

Country: The Rural Middle Child often has a nuanced political view, with liberal leanings based on a respect for human dignity. The insular political bubbles they are sometimes raised in usually give them insight into how single-minded worldviews can cause suffering, and, being natural reactionaries, they rebel against those aspects of their culture. That said, they also feel a natural tie to the biased world in which they’ve been raised, and therefore can never, and usually refuse to, reject many of the philosophies of their home. They’re more tuned into local government; chances are, they know who their councilman is.



City: Because your Urban Middle Child is surrounded with the many ins and outs (thank you, thank you) of sexuality, they are more aware of how it can be expressed. While this gives them many avenues through which to express it–there are plenty more people around them to befriend on FetLife–they can sometimes become traditionalists, longing for something chill and normal and not too out there after all the out there they’ve experienced. Their opportunities are endless, and so their lusts and boundaries sometimes get sore from being so often tested.

Country: Perhaps surprisingly, Rural Middle Children are often freakier than their city-dwelling counterparts. Then again, it is because they are given fewer chances to fully express their sexual side that they’re more ready to go all-in on it. Consider it like an album–the city kid, who lives next to a rare record store, has tons of music that he likes, and only a few bands he really loves. The country kid, meanwhile, has those three or four records he was able to get ahold of, and fucking worships them. He/she plays them over and over, internalizing them deeply, letting them shape him/her. Such is sex for the Country Middle Child.




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